Looking For a Rare Friend

In our life we need someone who always with us. But it’s really difficult to find someone like that. In the world everyone are selfish. Who is now with you maybe he/she need you thatswhy he/she is giving time to you. You can find someone but which really rare. Just think about your best friend when she/he is sad she/he comes to you share her/his feelings. But when he/she are happy never share his/her happy moment. Think about yourself maybe you also do same like that.

Maybe you have a question I am also same like that?

No I never ever share my sad feelings with other I always share my happiness. I share my sadness with my shadow… with my soul.

Life is very complicated sometimes. Surrounding there are lots of friends but no one try to understand you. Everyone is very alone in the world. Maybe the reason is we have born alone have die alone.

I don’t expect anything from my friends but when any of my friend try avoid me I really get so hurt. For this reason I am decreasing my friend count now. I don’t need those greedy and selfish friends.

Don’t chase people be you do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you and stay…

I am still waiting for that rare friend in my life hope one day I will find someone……..