Life Within the Six

Our life struck by some six.

When you are six years old it time for Fulltime School.

You cross 12 (6 x2) your teen life started.

You become 18 (6×3), you are an adult now.

You are 60 (6×10) you are older now.

Our whole day pass in 24 hours (6×4).

Office time 9 to 6.

All is well within the six. So I decided to do 6 things I should do in my life these are:



Dream of Graduation Convocation

In my childhood I have a dream to I will complete my graduation and were the grown and cap. After completed my higher secondary my dream was becoming fade out but I strongly believe that I will do it. I am so lucky that I could attend in my graduation convocation. In 2012 I got admitted in UITS for MBA degree.

MBA convocation
MBA convocation

In January 2014 just after final semester result come to know our university is going arrange their 2nd convocation. UITS a have a tradition they arrange convocation after 5 years. Convocation’s Speaker was Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. So I was eagerly wanted to attend. But there was problem my full result was not published and my research paper was pending for submission. Moreover my friend Hera who did MBA was getting married at time so it was really tough for us to attend. On 15th February 2014 was last date to registration. We had submitted our research paper on 10th February and applied on that day for our result. Everything was in jam so we were not sure can we do. We just trying hard to attend and with our fortune and god bless we got our result and mark sheet on 15th February. Finally we register ourselves.